Knowledge About Common Link Building Mistakes

In SEO, Off-Page SEO i.e. link building is important. However the link building must be of high quality. There are different ways of creating backlinks and it has some faults too that every SEO expert has knowledge about it. SEO Training in Lahore will help web masters to avoid making mistakes while creating backlinks.

  • Nofollow attribute: There are numerous websites that provides dofollow and nofollow links. There are numerous scams and one of the scam is that if you pay for your backlinks, that backlink will become no-follow and search engine will not consider it as a backlink as it is not natural backlink. Therefore, it is important to create backlinks with dofollow attributes only.
  • No alt text: Image links is not a good way of creating backlinks. If there is a possibility to get a backlink through image links, then it must be created. However for images, alt text of the image link must be used by incorporating keywords. In SEO Training in Lahore, you will learn that alt text is really important for image linls.
  • Irrelevant backlinks: Irrelevant backlinks are common mistakes made by SEO experts these days. While searching for the quality backlinks, it is important to focus on relevant websites.
  • Low quality backlinks: The links created in low quality websites are not good for SEO purpose and this is the worst mistake to be made. It is important to check the reputation and domain authority of a website before creating a backlink else it will affect the ranking of your website. With the help of SEO Training in Lahore, you will learn that low quality backlinks are not good for SEO as it affects the website rank negatively.

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