Knowledge About Project Management Process Groups

For project management, different processes are required and important during each part of project cycle. Along with each processes, there are groups too which are known as process groups. In PMP Certification in Lahore, you will learn that in project cycle, there are different process groups which project team must have knowledge about.

  • Initiating Process Group: It includes processes that help in explaining a new project, new phase and authorization. In initiating process, development of project charter, identification of stakeholders, definition of scope, commitment of initial resources etc.
  • Planning Process Group: It covers the processes required for project planning. Processes such as definition of scope, goals and objectives of projects, how to start and complete the project etc. are the part of planning process group. Planning phase is vital and complex as it contains every task or process in detail. It includes the processes such as development of project management plan, requirements collection, work breakdown structure, define activities, schedule development, create quality plan, budget and cost planning, risk planning and management etc.
  • Executing Process Group: It includes the processes that help in completing a project within time and budget. It includes the project execution, project team acquirement, development and management of project team, assessment of quality assurance etc. PMP Certification in Lahore will help project managers to understand more about execution process group.
  • Monitoring and Controlling Process Group: It includes the processes that helps in monitor that how project is being carried out. It helps in pointing out the corrections in order to make the things right and in flow. This process group actually monitors and control project work, control scope, costs, perform quality control, monitor and control risks etc.
  • Closing Process Group: It includes the processes that helps in completing the project successfully. This process group has the processes such as reviews, formal acceptance of project outcome, reports, documentation on project and its outcome, data on project processes etc. PMP Certification in Lahore covers closing process group in detail as it is one of the most essential and important process group for every project.

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